Gobal Commands
Command description
!ping Command used to test if the bot is responding within a channel
!join (Within stevebot's channel) Makes Stevebot join your channel
!leave (Within stevebot's channel) Removes Stevebot from your channel
!cmd list Sends you back to this page :P
!cmd add Adds a command to your channel (Channel Owner only)
!cmd edit Edits a command in your channel
!cmd remove deleates a command in your channel
Channel Commands
Command Responce
!playexpo We are attending PlayExpo manchester, https://www.playexpomanchester.com/
!discord Join the StreamersConnected discord https://discord.gg/streamersconnected
!twitter Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/streconn
!facebook Like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/STRECONN/
!deanabean Our Stage Productions is done by Deana Bean Media, https://www.deanabeanmedia.co.uk/broadcast