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SteveBot - Info

━━Need Help?━━
Join our discord for support:

━━Bot Developers━━

━━Bot Supporters━━
LTZonda FlowDriver EmYataki MrWaterfieldGaming

Bot was made using dlivetv-unofficial-api SteveBot version 8a5f00b5 | Serving 20 Channnels

Get Stevebot

━━How to get Stevebot?━━
1. Visit SteveBot's Channel on dlive
2. Within the chat do !join
3. Go to your channel
4. do !ping
if the bot dose not respond, inform a helper within our Discord.

Shutup Stevebot!

━━How to remove Stevebot?━━
Let us know what we could do differently in future on our Discord.
1. Visit SteveBot's Channel on dlive
2. Within the chat do !leave
Easy Peasy

Mod Only Commands?

━━How do i setup mod only commands?━━
Create the command you would like by doing
1. !cmd add [command] [command responce]
Example: !cmd add banned :emote/mine/igsteven/3752cc294005657_300168:

2. !cmd setperm [command] 1 3. get a mod a to test the command by doing the command.

!song command

━━How to make a !song command?━━
Song Commands require LastFM

We then need to link whatever music player you use:
Other Players:

Create command by doing the following
Replace IGSteven with your own LastFM username ofcourse.
!cmd add song Currently Playing: $lastfm:IGSteven

Now if your playing music and someone use !song, it should show what you are playing.

Stevebot Premium

━━How to get premium?━━
Simpliy subcribe monthly to
IGSteven's Channel
Then inform one of our helpers or developers within our Discord

- Ability to change bot name: Guide
- Supporter role within our Discord
- Going Live alert in our Discord
- Name added to supporter list on Website

Change Bot Name

━━How to run the bot under another name?━━
> This is a premium feature
How to get Premium

1. Create the bot account you want on dlive
2. Go to a any channel
3. Open the Developer Console (CTRL + Shift + C) (Chrome)
4. Start network recording and activate the XHR filter

5. Reload the page (don't close the console!)
6. In the first few lines you should find such a result. There you copy the "authorization" content. This is your "bot access key"

7. Now you have your "bot access key" please dm this to one of our developer or helpers within our discord

make sure you send it in a direct message.